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  Meet the Team 

Kyle Puttkammer

Creator/Writer/Editor in Cheif
Every day Kyle works to inspire new readers and create comics that appeal to all ages. Leading a band of young & legendary artists, Kyle is building an exciting shared universe of titles. He is the writer of Hero Cats and Midnight Over Stellar City. He has also created and inked Galaxy Man & Cosmic Girl comics. Kyle currently lives in Georgia with his family and four cats.

Hero Cats Season One, his first comic writing effort, consists of 27 issues.

Sarah Kuchta
Pencils / Colors
Sarah came to the team as a freelance storyboard artist and graduate from SCAD.  Sarah provides exceptional pencils to round out the Hero Cats world.  Her work can be seen in issues #20 & 21.  Sarah is currently working on Season Two of Hero Cats.

Andy Duggan
Andy studied art at Chattanooga State Community College and is the artist of issues 19-21 of Hero Cats and his passion for comics has driven the team to new heights.  

George Gant
George is the fastest letterer in comics.  He's also the creator of two web comics "On the Grind" and "The Reset Button".

Sigi Ironmonger

Colors -- The Adventures of Galaxy Man & Cosmic Girl & Hero Cats

Sigi is a Savannah College of Art and Design alumni who has a love for vibrant, fun color despite wearing nothing but black 99% of the time. Giving wonderful artwork that extra pop is something he adores. Currently he's exploring new ventures in graphic design and abstract art.





Alex Ogle 

Art -- Midnight Over Stellar City volume 1 & 2

Alex Ogle is a co-founder at Tubatomic and a visual storyteller. He has had several successful Kickstarter projects and illustrates a comic book series called Midnight over Stellar City for Action Lab Entertainment. His past projects include illustrating Spider-Man and Captain America toy box art, The animated online series Jonni Nitro, and the comic book The Iliad from Amaze Ink.


Brandon Page 

Inks -- The Adventures of Galaxy Man & Cosmic Girl & Hero Cats 

Likes putting black lines over other people’s grey and blue lines. Lives in California. Like most Californians is not originally from there. Has befriended many cats both real and fictional.



Ryan Sellers
The clean Inked lines found throughout the Hero Cats series are handled by the very talented Mr. Sellers. You’ll be hard pressed to find another artist that is as versatile and capable as this Georgia native. A man that loves his comic art, Ryan takes on the role of inker with confidence and precision that can be seen on every page. Just don’t mention the word “rubble” to the man… Marcus sends his apologies for having him ink all that rubble. So much rubble… (shudder)


Omaka Schultz

Pencils/ Colors -- Hero Cats 10-12, 16-18

The talented Colorist on the Hero Cat project, Omaka brings the clean line art to life with amazing textures and brilliant colors! With an education from Savannah College of Art in Animation and Minor in Sequential art, he’s equipped with all the tools he needs to make these pages sing.


Keek Stewart
Script Editing

Keek Stewart is a writer and artist currently operating out of Georgia. When Keek was four her father made the mistake of handing her a comic strip, and her healthy obsession began. Having finished her degree in Writing and Rhetoric, Keek spends her time fusing her expertise in rhetoric with her knowledge of comic books. Maybe she’ll save all of the worlds with it. In the meantime, she’s loitering about editing your favorite cat-centric comics at her local comic shop, and debating the implications of a world without a Batman.



Meg Daugntning

Colors  - Hero Cats of Stellar City
Our colorful colorist for issue #20.  


Tracy Yardley

Pencils -- The Adventures of Galaxy Man & Cosmic Girl

Artist and writer for Galaxy Man & Cosmic Girl, as well as Archie Comic's Sonic the Hedgehog comics. Husband and father of five kids. Movie and video game fan.  Tracy also contributed art for covers to Hero Cats #5 & 14 and much of issue #14's interiors.



Ashton Adams 

Writer -- Galaxy Man #4 (original series)






Allen Belk 

Pencils -- Galaxy Man (original series)






Peter Cutler 

Backgrounds/Pin-ups -- Galaxy Man (original series)
Additional pencils for issue #14.


Marcus Williams

Pencils/ Colors -- Hero Cats 1-9
"I can say working on “Hero Cats” opened a lot of opportunity for educating myself on the actual comic industry. Self-marketing myself as an artist was actually something I did over the years that actually benefited my career most."

Stationed in Atlanta Ga, he spends his time toiling away late nights as a professional illustrator. A proud father of two, he somehow manages to steal enough time to create loads of artwork and check homework.

Briana Higgins
Letters -- Hero Cats
Briana Higgins makes the Hero Cat’s meows possible! Letterer for the comic, she is in charge of the dialogue, word balloons,  sound effects and sign flow. A graphic designer and illustrator, Briana also uses her extensive print experience to aid in the comic’s print processing. She has worked on over 1,000 comic pages in the past decade, including her own online series Rune Master: Tales of a Demon Slayer, The Book on Me, and Simon Says. A super geek through and through, she is an enthusiastic fan of many things including comics, video games, RPGs, fantasy, science fiction, social studies and world history. Aside from Hero Cats, Briana leads the design and development for an upcoming tabletop RPG, Waracle: Ancient Adventures. Her work has been featured at the San Francisco Cartoon Art Museum and in Knights of the Dinner Table.


Julie Barclay
Our legendary “Flatter” for the Hero Cats pages, which means she fills in all the clean line art with simple color, so that Omaka can quickly select the base color and enhance the pages further. With a Graphic Design degree from Florida State University, she makes quick work of bringing these pages to life from their sea of blankness! (What? That’s a thing y’know… the sea of blankness.)Julie quickly graduated to lead colorist.  


Shannon Butt 

Letters -- The Adventures of Galaxy Man & Cosmic girl

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