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The world changed forever when Galaxy Man & Cosmic Girl arrived in Stellar city.  Villains soon followed, bringing with them minions, henchmen, and other assorted threats.  While these super threats were being handled by the ever vigilant Galaxy Man and Cosmic Girl, it became nessesary for the Hero Cats to deal to pick up the slack. Who are the Hero Cats you ask?

 The Meow Files 


Ace was trained by his superior officer and is the team's ever brave leader.

Cassiopeia is the recent addition to the team. She is a truly clever tabby cat who is able to read human writing. This comes in very handy while the team is in the field.


Rocket is the fastest cat in the world and might be from outer space.

Belle can read the human mind. There's no fooling this feline. She's even been known to control weaker minded creatures. Her powers seem to grow as time goes on.

Midnight has a passionate dislike of criminals and is able to jump to extraordinary heights.

Rocco is the mountain of muscle who never loses a fight. His heart is big and true.

Bandit is ever the charmer and is skilled at covert operations.

The Hero Cats have dedicated their lives to fighting threats that have spilled over unto their peaceful streets. As valiant an effort could ever be, they joyfully face hardships that no ordinary cat should.

The Hero Cats Comic Book

The Hero Cats "Season One" consists of 21 "core" issues and 6 "Midnight Over Stellar City" issues.   These books are available from Action Lab Entertainment.

Plans are currently underway for "Season Two".

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